El Teide 🌋 Earth’s third largest volcano! El Teide was a sacred mountain for the aboriginal ‘Guanches’ who lived on the island before the Spanish arrival. Some of its eruptions were so scary that locals believed that an evil mythological figure — Guayota — lived inside the furnace at the peak (something very similar to the Pele at the Kilauea volcano in Hawaii or Vulcan God inside the Etna in Sicily). Luckily, the last big eruption was in 1798 and since then, Guayota has been staying silent and calm. 😉 . . . #verytroubledchild #tenerife #elteide #teide #canarias #canariasviva #canariasislands #canaryislands #canaryislandspictures #parconational #teidenationalpark #teidevolcano

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