A day in San Gimignano 🇮🇹 the Town of fine Towers, also known as the “Medieval Manhattan”. It’s a small walled medieval hill town in the Tuscan countryside famous for its medieval architecture, wine and food. It’s pretty sleepy in January, but we were lucky to find a couple of places open for lunch. We had a delicious pappa al pomodoro and white pizza with fantastic “cinta sense”. We surerly will be back in Spring! #verytroubledchild #sangimignano #toscana

The Anthropology Museum of Florence (probably one the lesser known museums in the Renaissance capital!) in Palazzo Nonfinito gathers more than 25k artifacts from the far sides of the world and collected by Italian explorers through the centuries (some of them are first recorded in Florence at the times of the Medici family). Particularly impressive are the rooms dedicated to the Middle East, the Pakistan one and the Polynesian. Throughout impressive and recommended! #verytroubledchild #florence #florenceitaly