Villa Pisani is one of the most famous examples of the Venetian villa of the Brenta Riviera. It was built in the eighteenth century by Francesco Maria Preti, on a project originally from Gerololamo Frigimelica. The works were completed in time to celebrate the nomination of Alvise Pisani as a doge of the Serenissima. The villa includes 114 rooms furnished with eighteenth-century furniture and decorated both by Tiepolo and other quality painters such as Amigoni, Canal, Zucarelli, Crosato and Ricci. #verytroubledchild #savannabag #tiepolo #villapisani

La Serenissima! ❤️ We are back in Venice to see our family and friends. September is a fantastic month to visit the city: Mostra Internazionale del Cinema is happening right now and tomorrow we will be enjoying the historic regatta! We had a pre-lunch drink at Bauer and then a truly splendid lunch at @bauervenezia ‘s De Pisis restaurant!🦁 And by the way: the Savanna Bags currently sold out will be back in stock next week! We are sorry for this delay in restocking our sold out bags but we live in really crazy times! #verytroubledchild #savannabags #venezia