We finally managed to visit the majestic @museoaccorsi in Turin: Mr Accorsi was one of the very few art and antiques dealer in Europe achieving almost legendary status in the rare antiquities market. Famously, he was the dealer serving Presidents, Tycoons, Queens and Kings: the son of Henry Ford once eyed a fantastic double-body trumeau of the XVII century from Mr Accorsi personal collection (and not for sale) and he was mailing from the US to Turin a blank chèque every Christmas asking Mr Accorsi to sell that double-body at whatever price he wanted. This was repeated every Christmas for decades and Mr Accorsi regularly mailed the blank chèque back to Mr Ford with a little note saying: “Dollars and Cars I can buy how many I want, but that is an unique piece and I cannot sell it”. Highly recommended visit if you happen to be in Turin! #torino #italia #verytroubledchild

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