Tiger Laughs by Maria Prymachenko, gouache on paper, 1982. Over a week ago Russian forces attacked Ivankiv, a town 80km northwest of Kyiv, destroying the collection of 25 works by Maria Prymachenko and many other artifacts, housed in Ivankiv Historical and Local History Museum. Maria Prymachenko was one of Ukraine’s most celebrated folk artists, whose paintings enchanted Picasso and Chagall and have also been featured on postage stamps. In the words of her granddaughter: “ Maria Prymachenko has been a symbol of Ukraine for many years. Her work reflects the most horrible events in our history and at the same time she gives us hope for our brilliant future. Her paintings are timeless and more relevant today than ever before. Through her art our Ukrainian voice is strong.” We stand with Ukraine for peace and their right to freedom and sovereignty.

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